This is me, Karin.

A mother of two, designer and founder.
 It all started when my 1,5 year old quit diapers and I couldn’t find the kind of underwear I wanted for her. I didn’t want to bother buying tiny little panties with poor elastic that I just knew wouldn’t sit right. 

I was also frustrated that girls undies would always be pink or purple with princesses and little bows, and boys blue or black with dinosaurs or car prints! So, I got to work to create my own! I started sewing some prototypes, and some more and some more…

Needles & Pine Studio is a small family run business based in Sweden. Our goal is to produce timeless pieces for toddlers and children that can be worn and loved for a long time and handed down again and again. We strive to only use natural materials, in our products as well as in our packing. Our products are developed with love and pride with a long family history in textile business.

Our cotton underwear are made out of 100% GOTS certified eco
cotton. The yarn is spun and dyed in Germany and knitted in a small factory in Sweden. The garments are developed and designed by Needles & Pine Studio and tested and approved by our children, cut in Sweden and assembled in Estonia.